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We want to say a very big THANK YOU for helping our son prepare for his Math SAT! From the short time he worked with you, he was able to bring his score up from a 720 to an 800! As a result, a lot of scholarship money has opened up at schools he is interested in, as well as he would be allowed to enter the fast-track math program at the U. of MD. It is great to see Andrew’s happiness and confidence soar, too, as this also confirms his interest in studying mathematics.

Blair High School Parent

Wisconsin Student

Working with Prep 1 on 1 gave me the confidence to do better than I thought I could on my ACTs. The strategies Wendy and Nancy taught me made all the difference in my test-taking ability, and they really focused on what I needed to learn to improve my score – so I did not waste any time reviewing material that I already knew. It was a great experience working with them — and even better, got me into my top choice college!”

Dani-Wisconsin, Wootton Student

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I want to sincerely thank you [Dawn] for the time you spent preparing my son for the SAT. We were very pleased with his performance and his improvement far surpassed our expectations. I believe the time he spent with you and your personal dedication made all the difference in his performance on the exam.

Quince Orchard HS Parent


Prep1on1 was amazing right from the start. We took advantage of their BESTtest Diagnostic testing and met with the president, Wendy Goldstein to discuss the test results and a Personal Tutoring Plan. Our daughter was set up with her private tutors, we discussed the right test for her to take to match her learning style, when she should take the tests, learned about Prep1on1’s mock test dates and left with a confident feeling! Her tutors were a perfect match and the one on one support was comforting. The scores on her ACT exceeded our expectations and opened up more college options. I would recommend this company to any of my friends.

Thank you Prep1on1!!!

Charles E Smith JDS Parent

Tulane Student

Thank you to Prep1on1 for helping both of my daughters reach their full potential on the ACT. From determining which test was best, to matching them with tutors that clicked and were flexible, to advice on different college options, as well as providing great test taking strategies, we are grateful for all that you do! We look forward to begin working with you again with our youngest child.

Holly Gelfond, Wootton Parent


I just wanted to let you know that I was recently admitted to the University of Pennsylvania, as part of the early decision process, and will be studying business at the Wharton School in the fall. Thank you so much for ALL your help in getting me to this point, and I think it is safe to say that I would not be in this position without your expert tutoring and strategizing for the SAT. It was a huge help in getting my score up into the 2300s, and I truly appreciate all that you have done for me!

Landon School Student


The level of learning and strategizing that was accomplished in just in under 2 months with Nancy Merrill was incredible! My daughter’s ACT reading score increased by an unbelievable 5 points, and her English score increased by 4 points – a gain that is making all the difference in her college acceptances! Nancy was professional and reliable, and even more importantly, she somehow managed to motivate my daughter to practice at home without my prompting (quite an accomplishment)!

A Very Pleased Wootton Parent


Hi Wendy- thanks for your one-on-one sessions in math with my child between the March and May SATs. Her hope was to boost her math score 20-30 points and it actually rose from a 620 to 700 … way beyond her expectations!! Your work with her (in just 5 sessions!) REALLY made a difference. Thank you!!

Potomac Parent


I want to sincerely thank Prep1on1 for being a fabulous resource for our daughter! Our experience in working with you and our incredible tutors, Lissa Levin and Haylie Iseman, was top notch. From the initial consultation , with your frank assessment and direct answers to our questions and concerns, my husband and I felt that we were in the right place. The one-on-one training with each tutor exceeded our expectations. We had hoped for our daughter to receive sufficient tutoring to score well on the ACT, which she certainly did. However, we gained far more than that. Lissa and Haylie’s tutoring gave our daughter a sense of confidence and accomplishment that she’s never felt before with any standardized testing. I think their “can do” attitudes really motivated our daughter to go that extra mile with her own efforts. I know that their enthusiasm helped our daughter to feel “invested” in her efforts.

Richard Montgomery Parent


Samantha just proudly sent her outstanding ACT scores to her tutor, Dawn Fischer! I just wanted to thank Dawn so much for giving my daughter the confidence and skills to show her knowledge and ability, especially in the area of math. Dawn’s kind and encouraging manner, her consistent effective teaching methods, and her positive attitude were a perfect match for Samantha . We are forever grateful!

A Happy Holton-Arms Parent


Here is how it worked for us: Wendy met with my daughter and administered a brief assessment to evaluate my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the ACT math exam. She presented immediate, focused feedback about the skills my daughter needed to hone, prepared targeted homework for her and provided countless practice tests. After only three tutoring sessions and a free mock ACT test followed by a debriefing session, my daughter’s math score increased by a whopping 8 points.

Thrilled Wootton Parent


The SAT’s and ACT’s seem like a mysterious black hole, particularly for students with learning issues, and Dawn took the mystique away and provided my daughter with a toolkit that gave her control over the exam. It was very empowering and made the test not intimidating at all. In addition, Dawn demonstrated a real caring and concern for my daughter as a person while she was tutoring her and even after. I would recommend Dawn highly to anyone.

JDS (Jewish Day School) Parent


It is not just about “the number.” Each child feels empowered because they have personalized attention and realistic expectations. We were very pleased with the private 1 – on – 1 tutoring each of our 3 children received from Wendy. She accepts each child as a capable, whole person and assesses not only their math skills and aptitude but their intrinsic personality and approach to learning so that she can determine the best tutoring strategy. The support and attention she provides makes it feel as if she is in partnership with you and your child to help him or her get the best result possible and to feel good about it. If your child is going to spend time being tutored for the SAT/ACT private tutoring is the most effective method and we have recommended Wendy to many of our friends.

A Wootton Family


Count us in on those that will sing the praises of you [Wendy Goldstein] and Lennie and Lissa. We were blown away by our son’s scores on the SATs that far exceeded our expectations. Your wonderful team gave our son all the training, confidence and motivation he needed to succeed. His scores are way above what he needs for the colleges he is applying to, so he will not need to take the test again!

Sandy Spring Friends School Parent


Simply outstanding! Wendy is truly unique in her approach and attitude towards her students and their parents. She tutored our two sons with very different needs, personalities and abilities and connected instantly with each. She is passionate about her work and committed to the success of each student as an individual. Wendy balances her support of and respect for her students with refreshing honesty about each student’s strengths and weaknesses. From her years of experience, she knows how to mentor and motivate, as well as challenge and stretch her students-each to his limits and sometimes beyond-but most importantly, from our perspective, she knows the differences. Wendy has been a tutor and a friend to our children and us and we have recommended her countless times in the many years we’ve known her. She won’t promise miracles, but she has accomplished many!

Jill Gessner

Richard Montgomery High School


After having tried a few other establishments for SAT prep for my daughter and not really finding a true fit, we tried Prep1on1 by recommendation from a friend. It was the best decision we had made. Not only was Dawn prepared with materials from day one, she actually listened to Misha to discuss what she what she was struggling with and honed in on those subject areas.In addition, no matter how many practice test Misha had done, whenever we asked for more, Dawn never hesitated to find ones that she had not tackled. I can honestly say I would have no hesitation recommending Dawn with eyes closed.

R.C. – A Wootton Parent


Both my son and daughter had the good fortune to work with Dawn Fischer to prepare for the math sections of the college placement tests. She was equally adept at preparing my son for the SAT and my daughter for the ACT. It was truly remarkable to see the significant increases in their scores from the PSAT. Dawn provided encouragement throughout the process, while effectively pushing them to continually improve. My son, who is now a freshman in college, received academic scholarships from all the schools to which he applied. I believe this was in large part due to his high SAT math score, since he is an engineering major. My daughter is currently applying to schools and we are confident that she will have similar success. I have a son currently in high school and I will be contacting Dawn as soon as he begins his preparation for the SAT or ACT. I cannot say enough good things about her work.

Jim Ropelewski

A Quince Orchard Parent